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I remember when I felt like you were the most important thing.

No one could ever hurt me, as long as you were there. As long as I had being with you to look forward to, I could keep going through whatever tried to stop me. You were enough motivation to keep me strong and hopeful, no matter what happened.

I remember when you left, and I wouldn't believe it.

I still wanted you, so I kept going. I kept going with even more fervor than before, because I knew that was what it would take to get back to where we began. I wanted to get back there so badly.

I remember when I realized there was no "there" to get back to.

But I thought that somehow, if I only tried a little harder, I could recreate it. I tried, I failed, and I hurt. All I wanted was for you to tell me that this wasn't something I could fix. All I needed was something to push me towards putting it all behind me.

I remember when you talked to me.

It felt better, it felt resolved. I saw, for the first time, that my life could have the beauty it had before, with or without you in it. Just not yet.

I remember when I tried to forget you.

Maybe I thought I was falling in love with him. Maybe I was getting lonely. Maybe there was an empty place in my head where I used to think about you, and it was getting tired of not being useful. Maybe I just needed to prove myself that I didn't need you. I didn't forget you...

I remember when we could confide in eachother again. I remember when we started trusting eachother again. I remember when I realized that being your friend was all I ever needed.

I thought I lost you... but you're still here, aren't you.

PS I'm new and I already love this community... oh boy...
I remember last summer, when everything was right. That week, I was in heaven. Maybe this time will be the same. Maybe this time will be different. I hope it's going to be the same, or even better. I loved you, and you loved me. Even though I was older and had a boyfriend; I guess that gave "us" a whole edge. And I remember the way you smelled and the way you kissed me when I cried, saying everything was going to be alright. Well, I suppose that was your message. I've disected that "Fuck her. It was her fault. Don't let this upset you, baby, don't cry." so many ways I guess I could get JESUS LIKES HAM out of it. I've never felt so at home with a group of random strangers. Your eyes pierced my heart, as sappy as that sounds, and it was love at first glance. My friends know I don't do the shit I'm asked to do, whether it be cleaning my room or going to someone's locker with them when I could be somewhere else. But for you, I would sing when you asked. You had this power over me that I will never understand. And after all those boys and the hearts I've broken, I can't say no to you. I said no to all of them, and more. You just have this power that makes me want to scream ajksdfla;ksj. Yeah, exactly. I remember the days when you were mine, and I was yours; and we were together in paradise.

Jun. 10th, 2005

I remember this summer. Everything was perfect, because you were there.
I remember when we first started talking. You and Anthony were doing stupid tricks like throwing yourselves into the dumpster and jumping over the fence and rolling down the hill.
I remember the flirting that took place up until the night of "Spin the Bottle". It was just me and Jayda, along with you and Anthony. We used a clothes pin because we couldn't find any decent bottles. We all took turns kissing when it was our time, and you asked for another kiss while Jayda and Anthony were off behind the house taking their turn.
I gave it to you, of course.
I remember how, after the game was finished, you walked around back and yelled "I'm going behind the house, anyone going to follow me?" I wasn't stupid, I knew you wanted me to come after you.
And I did.
Two hours. We made out for almost two hours.
It was amazing, because you were so amazing.
I knew you liked me for me, because you had seen me looking gross in the morning, with hair thrown up, teeth unbrushed, wearing the same clothes I had on the day before.
You liked me regardless.
And even after that, you weren't ashamed to hold me in front of your friends, or just be with me.
I remember when we'd have our tickle fights. You were so much more stronger than me, so you'd always win. When we became exausted from all the rough-housing, you'd lay on the couch and I crawl on top and lay on you.
We'd just be there, together, talking about stupid stuff or not talking at all.
This summer meant more to me then you'll ever know. Even after we dated and broke up this past school year, you taught me how to love like no one else could.
I wasn't in love with you, at least I don't think I was. But you made me feel so alive.
I'll always remember you, and how perfect we could have been if you would have just tried.

Dec. 3rd, 2004

i remember when we were just friends... nothing more, nothing less...

Dec. 2nd, 2004

i remember when you would end our conversations with "i love you"
I remember when I liked my life.

I remember when I felt loved.

I remember when I actually had some sort of value.

I remember when you cared about me, and couldn't live without me.

I remember when you liked me better than pot.

Yeah... I remember a lot of things.

Oct. 18th, 2004

i remember when things where easier
and i didn't have to make myself choose
between being happy
and being loyal
i remember when i was happy. oh so long ago..
I remember when i was a better person
I remember when..

I met you at youth group
We encouraged and helped each other to grow stronger with God
We first hugged
You made me laugh
You said you really liked me but you had to leave for college soon
You asked me out
You promised we could stay together after you moved
You held my hand
Our first kiss, I saw fireworks
You always held me close, I felt protected
We danced at prom and talked till early the next morning
We fell in love
You told me you had to leave
You broke up with me
You broke my heart
You made me cry
You left me, I didn't talk to you for half of the summer
You came back
The feelings were still strong and mutual
You never said you loved me
I never said I loved you
You said you would miss me, I said I would miss you
You told me you would be back soon and you would always like me
We said our goodbyes
You left for college
You never call me
Your friend told me you have a new girlfriend

I don't want to remember you.