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I remember falling into deep ‘like’ with you.
I remember the butterflies in my stomach whenever you were around.
I remember crushing on you for so long, and then finally being able to date you.
I remember the feelings of pride whenever you skated around; better and more talented than guys twice your age.
I remember you stacking hard out the front of somebody’s house, and me looking down to see you’d written ‘I ♥ Lauren’ on your hand.
I remember you telling me that the only reason you didn’t want to move away was because I was here.
I remember you being so protective of me; sticking up for me no matter what.
I remember our first kiss - my first kiss - and how I practically threw you against the wall.
I remember the feeling of your tongue ring running against the back of my teeth and making me shiver.
I remember you telling Melissa that you weren’t sure if what you felt for me was love or not, but you hadn’t felt it before.
I remember resting my head in your lap in the sun, and us talking until 5pm even though we were meant to be home by 4.
I remember the look you had on your face at the skate park that one time, and how utterly gorgeous I thought you looked even though you were trying to look vulgar.
I remember you telling me how proud you were when you saw me and smugly told everyone that “that’s my girlfriend”.
I remember you were only 14 and I was only 13, but we felt like we’d be together forever.
I remember the feeling that you gave me; before and during our relationship. It was the best feeling ever, and almost 5 years later, I’ve dated other boys, but none have ever given me the feeling you gave me.
They say your first ‘love’ stays with you forever.
I don’t think I was in love with you, but what I felt for you, I’ve never felt like that about another boy.

So thanks for the memories, dude.



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