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Hi fellow LJers,

me and my friend are working on a project for uni, and we need some help in remembering things. at the moment we're looking for movie and drama series scenes and commercials that show childhood as always being absolutely grand. We had a few ideas ourselves, but they are not enough by far.

Therefore, if you've got a little time on your hands, we'd be very glad if you'd fill in (even if it's just a list) this little survey here.

thanks TONS in advance guys ^^

Questionnaire on Childhood Memories

Hi there fellow lj-ers. Me and my friend are students from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt who study Media Production. We are currently working on our Bachelor Project, which is centered around childhood memories. We've created a survey with several questions. The answers we will receive from this questionnaire will help us broaden our horizon and point of view regarding this topic, and to create a more objective project.

If you like answering questions, filling in surveys, or telling others about your childhood and remembering the good, and not so good times, you can find the survey here:

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

I don't know if this has been done before in this community, or if it's considered spam, but this is a way with which we can reach millions of people AND people from all over the world. If a post like this is not allowed, feel free to delete it.

Sep. 22nd, 2008

i love reminiscing through our texts ;)


I remember when you asked me how to make the paper stars and I told you I didn't know. Well guess what? I learned to make them, just for you. And i'll be here, waiting for you to ask me a second time.
i cant remember the last time i was this happy, but you seem pretty hell bent on taking it away.
We spent the summer in warm strangers arms, running through her town, flirting with college boys home for the summer, lieing about our age. She sat in the park smoking anything. Drinking anything. Winking when she would leave with one of them to "get personal." I always had to slyly push their hands away from my breasts, I couldn't go that far when I had a boyfriend.

I spent the summer in his basement, our sweaty bodies entwined, her voice always in my head laughing at me for being such a prude, our hands wandering...We ate white pizza and watched Disney movies-the darkest hickies always came during the animated films.
I thought it was twisted but I never said anything.

I felt immortal. Nothing could hurt me, and I had no boundaries.

We spun in the park, as the ridiculously tall half naked dark skinned boys played basketball. We held hands and spun until I thought I would throw up, then we laid in the grass, holding hands, giggling, living. I felt more alive than I had in years, but I didn't know this girl. This skinny girl with the hipbones that bruised, the straightened blonde hair and thickly rimmed eyes with dark-kohl eyeliner and sparkled from a bottle from the renaissance fair, fruity lipgloss and bruised neck. Cigarettes in her purse and hoop earrings dangling low from her ears. Who was she, this it girl?

I felt immortal, alive, invinsible, beautiful. I felt out of control, wild, scared, alone, distant.

Jun. 12th, 2006

i remember 3 a.m. drives with you and the full moon as my companions. i wanted to die then. cause i knew it could never get any better than that. you were the reason my skies had turned blue, and why my lips curved upward at their ends. love. it was such a new feeling. crisp and fresh. it didn't get better. and now. i'm left with these physical reminders of you. and our late nights. i try to fill this immense cavern you dug inside me. with things that just won't fit. things that aren't borne of love. and i've lost the hope you ignited. maybe. maybe i'll find someone who makes me feel again. and i'll fall in love all over. but a part of me doubts that. i should have died then. cause it could never have gotten any better than you.

This little piggy

Hello, here is a story from my childhood. The story involves an animal death so I thought I would just provide a link instead of posting it directly in the community.

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Thanks for your time!
I remember falling into deep ‘like’ with you.
I remember the butterflies in my stomach whenever you were around.
I remember crushing on you for so long, and then finally being able to date you.
I remember the feelings of pride whenever you skated around; better and more talented than guys twice your age.
I remember you stacking hard out the front of somebody’s house, and me looking down to see you’d written ‘I ♥ Lauren’ on your hand.
I remember you telling me that the only reason you didn’t want to move away was because I was here.
I remember you being so protective of me; sticking up for me no matter what.
I remember our first kiss - my first kiss - and how I practically threw you against the wall.
I remember the feeling of your tongue ring running against the back of my teeth and making me shiver.
I remember you telling Melissa that you weren’t sure if what you felt for me was love or not, but you hadn’t felt it before.
I remember resting my head in your lap in the sun, and us talking until 5pm even though we were meant to be home by 4.
I remember the look you had on your face at the skate park that one time, and how utterly gorgeous I thought you looked even though you were trying to look vulgar.
I remember you telling me how proud you were when you saw me and smugly told everyone that “that’s my girlfriend”.
I remember you were only 14 and I was only 13, but we felt like we’d be together forever.
I remember the feeling that you gave me; before and during our relationship. It was the best feeling ever, and almost 5 years later, I’ve dated other boys, but none have ever given me the feeling you gave me.
They say your first ‘love’ stays with you forever.
I don’t think I was in love with you, but what I felt for you, I’ve never felt like that about another boy.

So thanks for the memories, dude.

I have to write a college essay on the topic: "Why Write"

I have been sitting here for the past hour and trying different approaches, and they either dont make sense or they are too cliche.

i need help desperately, and soon.
Does anyone have an idea for what to say? if i can start, i can do it. i jsut odnt even know. brainstorm with me guys im stuck.